What services can we offer you?

We can either manage the whole project or
engage as your specialist contractor

  • Dilapidation Reports and Scope Design
  • Drafting and Engineering
  • Concrete Cancer and Footings
  • Carpentry and Painting
  • Masonry conservation works
  • Verandah Slate Edging and Tiling
  • Stone and Brick replacement/ repair
  • Lime Renders & Mortars
  • Salt Damp Treatments
  • Renovations & Bathrooms
  • Coatings Removal
  • Undersetting & underpinning
  • Masonry desalination & Poulticing
  • Stone and Brick Re-pointing

Call us today to make an enquiry about how we can help with your heritage project

Office Number: 0413 633 747

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