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Do you have a Heritage Building that needs Conservation or Restoration?

We are here to help!

For over 20 years, we have developed a deep understanding and respect for built heritage. Our experience and passion for understanding issues with heritage buildings and how to conserve and restore has led to the development of a very strong on site and administration team that have embraced and share this “best practice” approach.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Two of our company motto’s are “do it right the first time” and “do the right thing even when no-one is watching”.

This value system has led to Stoneideas being trusted contractors.

“We’ll explain the why and how, so you can be confident your client or your home is in good hands”

STONEIDEAS is a South Australian owned and operated company. We were founded in 2001 by director Sam Pentelow, who’s heritage focused career has focused on Masonry conservation and restoration, and with clients asking him to do more and more we are now offering a more complete project management approach.

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